Released in Spring 2012: Automatic Collage

New Application Release for September 2013:
Although the Wizzypage project has now been in limbo for more than 2 years, InterAnnex Web Applications have taken some of the core code methods and integrated them into the new ROBOCOLLAGE Automatic Collage Builder application. ROBOCOLLAGE provides functionality for building automatic collage web pages composed of randomly selected images and text. The above image illustrates an actual automatic collage built from separate text input sources and random selections from the image file database which comes preloaded with ROBOCOLLAGE. The initial release of this Windows is free for personal use and depending on user feedback, future releases may incorporate more of Wizzypage's CSS editing capabilities to make the random creations better suited for publication on web sites.
For more information, check out the news release details at the ROBOCOLLAGE web site.
Wizzypage is a free web page layout application providing true wysiwyg (what you zee iz what you get) editing: You really do get what you see because the Wizzypage design surface is actually an embedded instance of Internet Explorer. The idea for the application arose out of a frustration with bloated applications which try to automate too much of the smaller details of the design process. The emphasis of Wizzypage is on giving the user the ability to quickly design CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) html pages while leaving any advanced scripting or low-level formatting to the user. Stylesheets are a great way to assign formatting characteristics which are not available with plain html, but the coding involved can be tricky and time consuming. Wizzypage provides the css coding automatically, with text areas and images positioned exactly according to where the user has dropped or dragged them using a few simple mouse clicks.

How it works:
Wizzypage allows the user to add, position, and edit content "areas" using a series of mouse-click activated popup menus. These areas can then be dragged around and resized on the design surface to explore alternate layouts. Wizzypage's text editor automates basic html coding chores like font and paragraph formatting or the assignment of background colors and images. Spell checking is also included (and ignores any html tags). Users can add more complex formatting including html tables or Javascript methods by adding them directly into the Wizzypage html editor.
Built-in FTP uploading:
When you are finished designing a web page with Wizzypage, click the ftp button to upload your html file and associated graphic images to a web server.

Examples of Wizzypage design possibilities:
The following examples demonstrate the different types of web pages you can create using Wizzypage. Each of these pages was designed with Wizzypage, which made possible the insertion of "post-it note" style commentary containing tips and tricks for getting the most use out the application.
For additional information about Wizzypage functions, check out:

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