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WHAT IS "DATAREALISM"? was launched over eleven years ago to showcase database-driven applications (both online and desktop). The overall theme was simple: This was a site to illustrate how database programming could be used to "realize" some solutions for creative thinking and writing. In the intervening years, we have seen the large-scale adoption of Internet platforms for social networking, shopping, news, forums, e-publishing, music distribution, crowd-funding plus countless others, many of which of are said to be evidence of a potientially revolutionary change: a societal transition to a new economic paradigm known as "The Sharing Economy". Nowadays you hear the refrain "there is an app for that" - and indeed there seems to be an app for everything: including when to take a drink of water and how to brush your teeth. Has information technology permeated too much of our lives? Has it broadened or narrowed the scope of discourse? For example, is the election of Donald Trump a direct result of Social Networking and the "140 character thinking" that has been promulgated by "Twitter"? All appearances suggest that "computation" is a small part of the social revolution taking place in our new hyper-connected, always-online social media environment. Today's revolution is all about COMMUNICATION - about how the traditional model of one-to-many ("mass media" or "broadcast") transmission of information, entertainment and infotainment is being made redundant by a more chaotic (but more inclusive) system fed by an unlimited number "content creators" who need only possess a smartphone or tablet as the prerequisite for participation...

Featured Database-driven application: The "Cut'n'Mix Postmodern Word Processor":

The Cut'n'Mix application was first released in the late 1990s as a Windows shareware desktop application. The initial concept was to create something like a 4-track audio recorder/mixer which could produce random mixes from 4 independent "streams" of text data. Over time, the functionality was expanded to include such things as "automatic poetry", "word morphing" and word substitution. These later features were achieved by including an embedded database containing a custom dictionary dividing words into different grammatical categories...

The following video demonstrates how you can use Cut'n'Mix to create a new name for your new business, product or pop band:

The background music for this video is a track titled "Castaway on Digital Ocean" from the F.S.M. Royalty free Music Library and is composed by Lowther & Bryan.

**more Cut'n'Mix instructional videos can be found HERE.

Cut'n'Mix is nothing like a conventional word processing application: it is not intended to be used for "straight writing". It is a tool to help creative writers generate new ideas through experimentation with different methods of text randomization and manipulation. Development and sale of the Cut'n'Mix application ended in 2012, but the application is still available for free download (without technical support) from The Cut'n'Mix home page.