DATAREALSIM - Database Applications for Music Distribution, Creative Writing and Computer-generated Art: An introduction to the system stylings of developer and producer C.P.Bryan... has been the most commercially successful of all the online database-driven applications I have deployed over the last eleven years. In 2008, the first edition of the FREE SOUNDTRACK MUSIC system was made available online. The initial version of the system was very basic, with only the capacity to store royalty free music in an online database and allow anonymous video producers to search for and download tracks (without any payment necessary). Gradually, user accounts and payment processing were added so that premium music would require purchase. A few years into the project, there was a development branch to provide a more generic MP3 sales platform called "Little MP3 Shop". In January 2017, the system was expanded to feature realtime mirroring of user accounts, activity and music content. In addition a host of advanced features like MASTER / MIRROR swapover and automated error detection and restart now allows for high availabilty even when technical problems occur or upgrades are being installed. From the user's perspective, music search by custom keywords or color association plus individually customizable lists of compositions have greatly expanded the functionality. Here is a system diagram:

free soundtrack music system design diagram

THE CUT-N-MIX Postmodern Word Processor:

The Cut'n'Mix Word Processor dates back to the 1990s and is the first Windows shareware application I released for sale. The initial concept was to create something like a 4-track audio recorder/mixer which could produce random mixes from 4 independent "streams" of text data. Over time, the functionality was expanded to include such things as "automatic poetry", "word morphing" and word substitution. These later features were achieved by including an embedded database containing a custom dictionary dividing words into different grammatical categories...

screen shot of the Cut'n'Mix application
Cut'n'Mix is nothing like a conventional word processing application: it is not intended to be used for "straight writing". It is a tool to help creative writers generate new ideas through experimentation with different methods of text randomization and manipulation. Development and sale of the Cut'n'Mix application ended in 2012, but the application is still available for free download (without technical support) from The Cut'n'Mix home page.


This site was initially intended to provide a showcase of software tools to help computer users in their creative pursuits (primarily in the areas of creative writing and video production). My intial optimism was perhaps a holdover from the pre-internet days of home computing, where much fuss was made about how the computer could be a "brain amplifier" - a boon to personal productivity which could simplify many of life's arduous and time-consuming tasks, thus creating a wealth of additional leisure time. Plus: Computing could be A LOT OF FUN TOO! The range of new computer-based activities were limitless: "Make a database of your cooking recipes"; "Manage your personal finances with a spreadsheet application"; "Create and print professional quality documents and artwork with Desktop Publishing"; and finally, appearing in the latter half of the 1990s, that most alluring new capability of all: "CONNECT TO THE WORLD WITH THE INTERNET!"

Now, more than thirty years after the introduction of personal computing, all appearances suggest that "computation" is a small part of the social revolution taking place in our new hyper-connected, always-online social media environment. The promise of networked computers (or "devices") in the early part of the 21st century became the opporunity to participate in a communictions paradigm shift: where the traditional model of the monolithic one-to-many ("mass media" or "broadcast") transmission of information and entertainment would be superseded by a more chaotic (but more inclusive) range of systems fed by an unlimited number "content creators" who need only possess a smartphone or tablet as the prerequisite for participation... But whether it is due to the "invisible hand" of capitalism or simple predatory business practices, the number of channels or avenues of expression seems to be narrowing (instead of expanding). Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iTunes have defeated their competitors to establish near-exclusive market dominance in each of their areas. The pre-defined interfaces and functions of these monopolistic services (what Virtual Reality pioneer Jaron Lanier has dubbed "Siren Servers"), seem to be about imposing limitations, controls and even asserting ownership over user-generated content... As a Generation X contrarian thinker, I can't help but think that this narrowing of options should be actively opposed. This concentration of attention into a small set of channels is getting to the point where it mirrors the political sphere, where only 2 or 3 heavily-financed political parties dominate ALL POLITICAL DISCOURSE... To read more rants about the current political and economic landscape, check out my blog PRODEMOCRACY.NET.